Cleaning with dōTERRA Essential Oils | Get Essential Oils


Cleaning is a part of life. It’s something that is inescapable but can really create a peace of mind and promote calm when the environment around is in control. We used to turn to toxic cleaners that filled our home with chemicals, but with the use of essential oils we can make cleaning our homes less harsh and a positive experience.

The more and more we learn about the effects that breathing in and absorbing these toxins and chemicals, the more and more important it is becoming to eliminate as many of these as possible. One easy way to do this is start switching out and swapping out products in our cleaning cabinets for more natural choices. Many essential oils have inherent cleansing properties already built in and so utilizing these beautiful properties can have some easy and effective treatments on our homes. We can easily make DIY household cleaners just by taking a spray bottle, filling it with water and adding a few drops of essential oil to it such as Lemon essential oil, Wild Orange essential oil or even Melaleuca essential oil.

At first it may seem taxing to just throw out all the household cleaners in your cabinet and replace with homemade cleaners. So start one by one. As you empty one don’t purchase a new one make your own using essential oils are purchasing dōTERRA’s already made OnGuard Cleaning Concentrate. This way you’ll slowly but surely find yourself replacing items and it will be far less overwhelming than doing it all at once. You will be doing a great service for your family and soon you will find that you actually enjoy cleaning! The essential oils in the household cleaners are not only completely safe to breathe while cleaning they actually are uplifting to your mood! Who doesn’t want to be happy while they clean?

There is such a variety of DIY Cleaning recipes using essential oils. It’s so fun to try them out for yourself and see how well they work. You will be surprised how amazing Lemon essential oil and Melaleuca are at cleaning carpet stains. Lemon essential oil can make for an easy DIY furniture polish with some olive oil and makes wood shine! We love the already made and ready to go doTERRA On Guard Laundry Detergent and doTERRA On Guard hand wash that is good for your hands and laundry and makes everything smell so good! You can make your own On Guard Cleaner as well by just using the essential oil in a bottle of water. With so many choices and ways to use essential oils in our cleaning, it makes it a fun experience!