Essential Oils for Families | Get Essential Oils


Families can really benefit from the use of essential oils in their homes in many different ways. If you are looking for all natural ways to support your family in their overall well-being then try some of these great DIY family essential oil recipes.

One of my favorite things about using essential oils around my family is being able to replace all sorts of different products in my home with items that have good ingredients in them. When you have something that you feel good using around your children, pets and elderly family members you feel confident that you are providing a safe and nurturing environment. There are so many amazing ways that dōTERRA essential oils can offer support to your family and even some ways that might not be so obvious.

With so many great essential oils to choose from, sometimes when people get started using essential oils for the first time they get overwhelmed. These simple DIY recipes can make things easy and useful for you. Try some of these ideas like DIY laundry spray with essential oils, toy cleaner recipes and after sun spray that is soothing and cooling to skin that has seen far too much sun that day.

Being a parent is overwhelming enough, but using essential oils doesn’t have to be! dōTERRA essential oils are pure and potent essential oils that are free from chemicals, synthetics, and fillers and do so much good for the body. You can rest assured that you are using essential oils of the highest quality and that your family is being nurtured and getting immense health benefits from the proper use of essential oils.