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Immunity and Health

Part of taking good care of oneself is taking the reigns of the things we use on our bodies and around our bodies. When it comes to health and immunity, essential oils offer many unique ways to support the body and you can make many products yourself!

The best thing you can do for yourself is surround yourself with support and products that can help ward off seasonal and environmental threats as well as support the body in its natural health practices. Our bodies are amazing vessels for the unique fact and purpose that they can truly support the healing of themselves provided the right resources. doTERRA essential oils are a great support in this way and all you need to do is gain the knowledge of how to empower yourselves using essential oils for your immunity and health.

We love these great DIY health and immunity recipes that are designed to make using essential oils in your daily routine easy and convenient. Many times people choose to get started with essential oils and they find themselves feeling overwhelmed. There is no need to feel this way. Take it slow and one day and one essential oil at a time and you will find that soon it becomes second nature and you will be replacing those once beloved over the counter medicines with more natural, toxin-free, chemical-free alternatives such as essential oils. They truly make a great choice in your daily all natural health care regime.

Try our sinus steam for when you need extra support for clear airways. You will be amazed at how truly effective these DIY essential oil recipes will be. You will also love snacking on doTERRA On Guard apples as they will leave you feeling satisfied and also support the body’s natural defenses against seasonal and environmental threats. All of these recipes are easy and they are all natural and clean ingredients designed to support you and your natural health goals.