Children and Essential Oils | Get Essential Oils


Kid’s bring so much joy to the home, but they also bring their own set of unique challenges and obstacles. dōTERRA essential oils and dōTERRA wellness products can support these various challenges and help find solutions in a natural and chemical-free way.

We love all of these fun DIY essential oil projects that are great for households with kids. Whether you are looking for a natural de-tangler spray for your kids using essential oils and dōTERRA all natural conditioner, a fun calming sensory project with DIY homemade play-dough that is dye-free and scented with calming dōTERRA Lavender essential oil.

There are so many great essential oils that can support the unique needs of children. Many people have concerns when they are first getting started using essential oils on children. In fact we work with Mothers all the time who the very reason they are looking towards more natural methods in their homes is because they find themselves feeling a sense of stewardship over their children and feel like leaning to a more natural lifestyle is a good fit for them. Using most dōTERRA essential oils around children are completely safe. Always check with a doctor before using essential oils if children have any health concerns.

Using motherly instinct is important. Also safe dilution is critical with children. Avoid ingestion of essential oils with children. We love using the dōTERRA Touch line because it’s an easy way to use essential oils as they are already pre-diluted with dōTERRA Fractionated Coconut oil and ready to be used with a roller bottle for easy topical application.

These are all fun and great ways to use dōTERRA essential oils to support everyday living with children and kids. A variety of fun DIY essential oil projects that will either make life easier, more enjoyable or even support finding more tranquility in the household.