Essential Oils and Pets | Get Essential Oils


Most people love their pets so much they consider them to be apart of their family. It’s not uncommon for people to really want to treat them in a way they would treat their own children. Essential oils can be great for pets used within safe guidelines.

There are so many ways that doTERRA essential oils can be meshed into the care of our animals and pets. Before using essential oils on pets and animals always do your research to see which essential oils are safe to use on your pets and check with your veterinarian. For example cats are highly sensitive to certain essential oils that are completely safe for dogs. Every animal and pet is different so do a patch test on them just like on humans before completely lathering them in essential oils.

Once you feel comfortable using essential oils around your pets, you will have some fun removing the toxins and chemicals from their lives, just like you are doing for your own self. Animals will benefit from the use of natural components just like humans do. Soon they will be able to be their best selves and enjoy their lives as your faithful companions. There are so many fun ways to pamper and spoil pets using dōTERRA essential oils. We love to make our own DIY doggy shampoo with essential oils and as well as calming spray for when they are having a rough time. Essential oils can be great for outside animals as there are natural insect deterrents and for the inside animals pet parents may enjoy making their own all natural carpet deodorizer.

Which ever way you decide to use doTERRA essential oils around your animals, again it’s always important to follow safe use guidelines. There are many great resources out there including such websites as the Dog Oiler. Just like safe usage is important for humans, fur babies need to be taken care of and pampered from time to time.