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Essential oils are clearly the star of the show but don’t forget about all of the other amazing dōTERRA products and supplements available to purchase. That being said accessories help you utilize essential oils to the next level and make life easier and more luxurious.

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There are many different options from dōTERRA when you are looking for accessories to help you along your essential oil journey. Add them to your daily life and start to fully enjoy the therapeutic grade essential oil benefits each one brings.

Of course an essential oil diffuser is one of the most popular dōTERRA essential oil accessories out there and was probably introduced to you as a necessity to go along with essential oils. We agree that a quality and purposeful diffuser will go along way in your home and we are grateful to offer you the many options that dōTERRA has available each fulfilling a different specific need. Whether you have a small space, a large space, are looking to diffuse for a large period of time, make your own mixtures, or you need a more compatible and compact diffuser for travel, dōTERRA will help you find what you need! Another great feature that some diffusers have are automatic timers and shut offs for when the water level gets too low. With these diffusers you can set your diffuser to run for either one hour, two hours, or three hours. Most dōTERRA essential oil diffusers have a soft glowing light that is calming and works great as a night-light in children’s bedrooms. They also come with the ability to run the diffuser with the light off as well.

One of the best parts about a diffuser is being able to customize your essential oil blend and experience. If you are looking for a stronger smell, then add a couple extra drops or if you want a light scent then you can add one to three drops or mix and match with scents depending on your mood and seasonal needs. There are so many amazing possibilities!

You will quickly find that dōTERRA essential oils become an integrated part of your everyday life. When it comes time to travel you will not want to leave home without them either! dōTERRA has many great options when it comes to organizing and carrying your essential oils from location to location, whether you are simply traveling with your oils or you are teaching an essential oil class to friends and colleagues. There are many different sizes and types of carrying cases and storage solutions available and you can choose one that fits your specific needs. The beautiful soft case travel solutions or a stunning wooden box to keep your oils clean and safe are great additions to showcase and store your dōTERRA essential oil collection.