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There are many ways to receive the pure natural benefits of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. Diffusing the essential oils is a highly economical and effective way to make use of the natural aromatic properties of essential oils. Choosing the right diffuser for the environment and situation is important and can transform your location into a happy healthy oasis.

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Depending on your location, situation or need, dōTERRA offers many different options and styles of diffusers each designed for different results. Some of the diffusers are more powerful than others and can fill the essential oils in more square footage, others are more lightweight and compact making them great for travel or taking to work. If you are looking for a longevity of diffusing some essential oil diffusers can diffuse for up to 12 hours. Whatever diffuser you choose, diffusion is a great economical choice for gaining aromatic benefits as you can mix and match different essential oils to make your own custom blends for whatever mental, health support you may need at the moment. It also only takes a few drops of essential oils and everyone in the room benefits.

Diffusion is such a great way to quickly and immediately receive the full natural benefits that essential oils have to offer. It’s also a great alternative to offer a fresh scent in your home or for open houses for realtors without having to be subjected to the toxins and chemicals that an otherwise alternative such as sprays and candles would provide.

If you are looking for a cleansing and purifying combination to help promote a clean environment then you can add a couple drops of dōTERRA Lemon essential oil or Purify dōTERRA essential oil blend. Other great options are great for during specific times of year such as Fall or Winter when environmental and seasonal threats tend to be high such as the dōTERRA OnGuard essential oil blend that will support a healthy immune system. This will also be a lovely scent for the Fall season as it’s warming but also great for offering support to your family and loved ones.

Every single essential oil diffuser dōTERRA offers is unique in their own way and serves a purpose. They all come with different settings so depending on the current need and situation you can customize the experience with the essential oils as well as the settings. Most dōTERRA essential oil diffusers use a water supply and your desired single essential oils, essential oil blends, or combination of the two. If you are looking for a highly dense and rich diffusion experience then you may want to look into the Cloud Diffuser which takes the essential oil directly from the bottle and gives the purest possible aromatic diffusion. This is really great for doctor’s offices, massage parlors, work spaces, or open houses. Make sure you do a little research because there are certain essential oils that promote and support different things. You don’t want to diffuse Serenity Restful essential oil blend when you are trying to focus in and get your work done! Peppermint essential oil and Wild Orange essential oil are great for diffusing when looking to promote focus. Many essential oils diffusers offer a soft glowing light and are quiet, the perfect addition to your room at bedtime.