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Oil Cases

One of the biggest questions that often gets asked when an individual is beginning their essential oil collection is what is the best way to transport and store their prized essential oils? There are so many ways to carry and store your dōTERRA essential oils. One of the easiest ways is to purchase a carrying case or essential oil bag made from dōTERRA as it has designed to fit the needs of these particular essential oils.

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There are so many different types of dōTERRA essential oil cases that it would be beneficial if you tried to figure out what exactly you are trying to accomplish and what kinds of essential oil storage you need. If you are using your essential oil case for business, taking essential oils to classes or showcasing them in various places then you may want to look into the larger heavy duty case will hold a large quantity of dōTERRA essential oils and dōTERRA products. We love the larger cases for business uses and have seen many others benefit from a way to have portability with their essential oils. Showcasing your products and essential oils help build your dōTERRA business along with using the diffusers, and other products right at events.

It’s important if you are traveling you take proper precautions to ensure your essential oil collection is both safe and protected. There are many great essential oil cases that provide travel protection for your oils. When choosing your case, take a moment to decide how many essential oils you will be traveling with. Whether you are looking for help displaying the essential oils for your dōTERRA business and using them as a tool to recruit new members to your already existing team, or you just want a stylish way to transport your essential oils while you travel, an essential oil carrying case is an important addition to your accessories.

While you may start out with only a few essential oils in your collection, as your continue to use them for yourself or in your business your collection will undoubtedly grow. Especially as you cultivate your understanding and practical everyday use of dōTERRA essential oils into your life. Some essential oils will be incorporated into your everyday life and others will be more precious or only used when special occasions arise. While some may not be used everyday they are still an important part of your essential oil collection because you never know when the need will arise and you will need that support of the precious essential oil. That being said it’s important to properly store essential oils in an essential oil case to keep them away from children and animals and protect them from the environment and keep them safe and also where you can find them!