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Deep Blue® Products

The dōTERRA Deep Blue Soothing product line is the perfect fit for those who deal with ongoing or occasional muscle discomfort and joint issues and can relieve the uncomfortable sensations associated with these. The dōTERRA Deep Blue Soothing blend is a natural combination of effective essential oils meant to target trouble areas and soothe quickly.

dōTERRA Deep Blue Rub Soothing blend combines powerhouse essential oils and was carefully crafted and formulated to offer warmth and soothing support to occasional aches and pains, sore muscles, and joint support. dōTERRA Deep Blue rub contains Peppermint, Blue Tansy, Helichrysum, and Wintergreen essential oils. These essential oils are notoriously warm oils that will create soothing sensations when applied topically. Try using this blend for a soothing massage, to relieve tension after or before a workout, or to relax muscles after a tough day at work. Many are surprised at the almost immediate effects of this beautiful combination of oils and how they support the body and the mind.

This particular blend of dōTERRA essential oils is a favorite among all age groups and is very versatile in its uses. Older generations love the ability to use dōTERRA Deep Blue to soothe and offer relief after a massage on their feet, hands and joints. Younger generations love to use this blend for soothing aching and growing muscles and legs. While athletes really enjoy the penetrating feeling of soothing muscles after an intense workout and using them to keep themselves safe-guarded from potential injuries. There are so many benefits to using Deep Blue rub or Deep Blue essential oils blend that it is one that will want in your home for when such the occasion arises that it is useful!

The best part of the dōTERRA Deep Blue Soothing product line that it is truly a line that will fit many individual needs. In order for you to figure out which one will work for you will take a moment for you to think how you will be using it in your home. If you know you will be using it around elderly or children you may want to consider the dōTERRA Deep Blue touch or roller bottle as it has already been diluted in dōTERRA Fractionated Coconut oil, making it easier to use on people who may have higher sensitivities to warmer oils. The Deep Blue rub is one of the easiest and most effective ways to use in your home and is popular for soothing massages and athletes. And if you work in an environment that might benefit from large quantities of dōTERRA Deep Blue rub there is a large liter size in a pump bottle as well as a personal size. The dōTERRA Deep Blue Soothing blend is not meant for internal use but dōTERRA has come up with a very thorough supplement that is 100% meant for internal use. The Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex is a super effective supplement that was designed to be complimentary to the oil or rub.