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DigestZen® Softgels

doTERRA Digestzen Softgels
  • Aids in the digestion of foods*
  • Soothes occasional stomach upset*
  • Helps reduce bloating, gas, and occasional indigestion*

Ginger Root: may help to soothe mild or occasional stomach upset and ease indigestion*
Peppermint Plant: supports healthy gastrointestinal function and aids in digestion*
Caraway Seed: may help ease indigestion while supporting a healthy gastrointestinal tract*
Coriander Seed: promotes healthy digestion*
Anise Fruit/Seed: promotes healthy digestion*
Tarragon Fruit/Seed: promotes healthy digestion*
Fennel Seed: promotes healthy digestion and metabolism*


Extra virgin olive oil, non-GMO modified corn starch, glycerin, carrageenan, maltitol, purified water.

dōTERRA DigestZen Digestive essential oil blend is considered to be one of dōTERRA’s top ten essential oils due to its popularity. It provides immense digestive support and relief when taken internally and these dōTERRA DigestZen Softgels are an easy and convenient way to reap these benefits.


dōTERRA DigestZen Digestive essential oil blend is a proprietary essential oil blend that was designed by dōTERRA to harness the natural supports that many separate essential oils have to offer. These essential oils including Carraway, Anise, Ginger, Peppermint, Anise, Tarragon, Fennel and Coriander. Separately they all offer various aspects of support for a healthy digestive system but together they unite in an effort of immense support that is all natural, quick and effective. These Softgels are vegetarian and dissolve quickly and easily* for effective support to the stomach and intestines for any occasional discomfort.

The dōTERRA DigestZen Digestive essential oil blend Softgels are perfect for use when traveling or for those who may not enjoy the taste of the DigestZen essential oil blend. One way you can use the essential oil blend internally is by adding a drop of the blend to a glass of water. Some people may not enjoy the unique almost licorice-esque flavor of DigestZen digestive blend and would rather swallow a soft gel instead. Others may prefer to carry around a soft gel instead a bottle of essential oil. Either way the soft gels are a great choice for times of occasional stomach discomfort.

DigestZen Digestive essential oil blend can help soothe occasional upset stomach issues or suppose the easing of indigestion. You can take a soft gel if you know you will be eating a large rich meal to support digestion including around the holidays. If you need extra stomach support when dealing with seasonal or environmental threats, the dōTERRA DigestZen Digestive essential oil blend is a great choice as well.