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Oil Blends

dōTERRA’s signature collection of one of a kind blends have been developed with years of thoughtful research. These blends and collections have been designed to bind together individual essential oils’ energy and benefits and harness them together to hone in on specific benefits for your wellness.

When you combine the power of a single essential oil to that of other single essential oils you in turn get a powerful blend that has been specifically designed to assist in your personal health and wellness goals. These dōTERRA essential oil blends are powerful and have been developed from years of study and research by highly trained and skilled scientists and chemists. Each essential oil blend was carefully crafted and formulated to harness the combined energies of each individual dōTERRA essential oil to aid in support of the respective blend it belongs to.

The best part of dōTERRA essential oil blends is that dōTERRA has taken the guess work out for you. It really becomes a simplified option for natural health. If you are looking for some serious immune support against seasonal threats then grab a bottle of OnGuard Protective Blend which tethers powerhouse essential oils such as Clove, Cinnamon Bark, Wild Orange, and Eucalyptus all together already mixed in the right ratios in one bottle. Each formula is unique and proprietary to dōTERRA and offer all kinds of support from respiratory, digestive, promoting a good night’s sleep, eliminating toxins and aging support. There is a great offering of different dōTERRA essential oil blends for just about every natural health need.

So many possibilities will be open to you as you try out the many dōTERRA essential oil blends your life will benefit from. All it takes is one or two drops and they will transform your wellness from good to great. There are so many different ways you can enjoy using these dōTERRA essential oil blends. You can enjoy the wide variety of aromas directly from the bottle by taking off the cap and inhaling deeply, you also can diffuse the essential oils in your home and benefit your entire household, you can apply them topically directly to the source of need, or depending on the blend you can also ingest internally for a myriad of internal support. Whichever way you use dōTERRA essential oil blends, you will quickly find them an invaluable addition to your home.