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On Guard® Protective Blend

doTERRA On Guard Blend
  • Supports healthy immune and respiratory function*
  • Protects against environmental threats*
  • Supports the body’s natural antioxidant defenses*
  • Promotes healthy circulation*
  • Energizing and uplifting aroma

Wild Orange Peel, Clove Bud, Cinnamon Bark/Leaf, Eucalyptus Leaf, and Rosemary Leaf/Flower essential oils.


Warm, spicy, camphoraceous, woody

dōTERRA On Guard Protective Blend is one of the most valued essential oil blends. It combines essential oils that when working together create an immense support for the immune system and can help ward off seasonal and environmental threats.


dōTERRA On Guard Protective Blend might be the most well known essential oil blend that dōTERRA has to offer. This is a powerhouse essential oil blend that has been carefully crafted and articulated to support the immune system and help it function at its peak capacity especially when needed most when environmental and seasonal threats are at their highest. This is a proprietary essential oil blend with a spicy, sweet, citrusy and warm aroma that smells delicious when diffused, perfect for Fall or Winter weather. This blend feature powerhouse dōTERRA essential oils such as Rosemary, Wild Orange, Cinnamon, Clove and Eucalyptus.

dōTERRA On Guard Protective Blend was created to help the body arm and defend itself and support the immune system in the best possible way from seasonal and environmental threats, which is where its name On Guard came from. On Guard essential oil blend is a natural source of antioxidants and uses those to support your body’s first line of natural defense. It is also known to offer support to the respiratory system and also for promoting healthy circulation making it just an amazing essential oil for all around self-care. Use it in your home as well as your body to support keeping seasonal threats at bay that tend to sneak in without being wanted. Many enjoy having dōTERRA On Guard Protective Blend on hand for daily use.

Besides offering fantastic support to the body, dōTERRA On Guard Protective Blend is also known to have cleansing properties that are amazing at purifying areas of your home in a non-toxic and natural way. On Guard can make for an effective household cleaner by adding On Guard essential oil blend to a bottle of water and spraying surfaces in your home. Use it to clean toys, bathrooms, floors, kitchen counters, etc. You can also diffuse dōTERRA On Guard Protective Blend to help support removing impurities from your home and offer respiratory and immune support for you and your family.

There are many internal benefits from using On Guard. It’s a great way to get fast immune support that will take charge in your body and ward off seasonal threats. It’s also known to support the cardiovascular system as well when used internally. You can do this by adding dōTERRA On Guard Protective Blend to orange juice or tea or you can add to a veggie capsule. Remember On Guard has some “hot” essential oils in it, so it’s best to use safe dilution practices. This blend is most popularly used in the Fall and Winter months, although it can be of benefit year round. A great way to support your children is to rub one to two drops of diluted On Guard essential oil blend using dōTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil to support their bodies as well.