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Single Oils

Thank you for taking the time to look into dōTERRA essential oils. Here you will find information about all of the dōTERRA single essential oils. There is a wide variety of pure, potent and the best quality essential oils harvested from all over the world. Each dōTERRA essential oil is unique in it’s own right and offers a multitude of powerful natural benefits to the body and mind.

From each stage of production, every single essential oil is carefully articulated starting from when a seed is planted, how it is nurtured, and when it is harvested (and most importantly where). Every single plant is important and the process is crucial when it comes to measuring up to dōTERRA’s strict protocols and production standards. dōTERRA essential oils are pure and potent because of their diligence in the harvesting and rigorous testing procedures. All of this is done to insure that they bring the best quality essential oils to market and most importantly into homes for safe and effective use with families.

Each dōTERRA essential oil must receive a seal of approval by dōTERRA’s own set of standards CPTG, which stands for Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, and undergoes a series of testing in-house at dōTERRA’s own manufacturing facility. Then each oil is sent to a third party for certification that each batch of dōTERRA essential oils are pure, potent and free of fillers or synthetics. What this means for the consumer is that they get a product that is ready to be used on their family and will be the most effective essential oil available to them.

dōTERRA takes great pride in it’s Co-Impact Sourcing structure. Every single essential oil that dōTERRA sources comes from a beautiful global network of hand-picked artisans and farmers who truly care about the plant, herb or oil that they work with. Each essential oil is sourced to where the oil can be found in it’s most pure indigenous state to truly maximize on the plant’s potential to become a dōTERRA essential oil. If you are looking for Therapeutic Grade essential oils, you can feel confident with the quality that you will receive and that these benefits will be felt throughout the body and mind.

There are so many ways to use dōTERRA essential oils, whether topically, aromatically, or internally. You can use each oil singularly or combine oils to maximize on benefits or use the blends already created with dōTERRA’s signature blend selections. Whether used individually or combined for a beautiful rainbow of aromatic masterpiece, your life will be changed for the better and be better served by using these amazing dōTERRA essential oils. Always be sure to read the bottle and use each essential oil as directed and take the time to make sure you avoid any sensitivities that may occur when trying out a new essential oil.

By integrating dōTERRA essential oils into your daily self-care routine you will find yourself becoming the best version and wanting to eliminate other unhealthy and unnatural products from your home. You will be serving your family and yourself in a new way and the outcomes will speak for themselves!