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Vitamins and supplements are a key part in taking total care of your body inside and out. Make sure it gets great nourishment so your body and mind can get the best internal support possible.

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Using essential oils in supplements is very beneficial because they are absorbed more quickly and efficiently by the body when used by internal methods. For this reason dōTERRA has created a line of supplements that support the natural body’s processes and enhances feelings of energy, metabolism, immune support or cellular support. Some of these supplements do not contain essential oils but most of them do. Some are just highly developed and curated compounds of vital nutrients and vitamins that are needed in our typical day to day use. These supplements are so important because often times we are not gaining the right nutrition and nourishment we need from the foods we eat. dōTERRA is known for their signature vitamin and nutrient complex Life Long Vitality Pack (sometimes referred to as LLV), which is actually their number one selling product.

Great nutrition is key but supplements really help develop a sense of overall well being and promote feeling good. They also help with so many other support systems needed within the body. When taken together, dōTERRA supplements really help support healthy living with natural pure, potential and unadulterated essential oils. There are so many great dōTERRA supplement products and each one fulfills a different purpose or need. First starting with LLV supplement and nutrition pack and then adding whatever other product that you are currently in need of support with. There are products for every need for instance, if you need digestive support using TerraZyme could be the thing for you or possibly PBAssist dōTERRA’s signature probiotic. If you’re looking for metabolic support trying the Slim and Sassy line can support you in your weight loss journey.

Regardless of where you are what your current needs are, there are many products that can support your desires to keep the body functioning at an optimal level. dōTERRA understands that different nutrients are needed for every individual and has targeted these supplement products, many containing essential oils, for different needs that may arise in your life.

Regardless of what your issue is whether it is bone density or digestion support you will find that dōTERRA has developed a supplement for you. There are also some great supplements that have been designed completely based off the essential oils and essential oil blends. These offer a fast and simple way to gain internal support of the essential oils by taking them internally without having to worry about the dose or putting them into a veggie capsule. Some of these include TriEase seasonal support, Zendocrine, and OnGuard plus. Another great bonus from these essential oil supplements is using them there is no taste, so a big gulp of water and an easy to swallow soft-gel is all it takes to quickly absorb into your system and offer support. Take a look at this great list of dōTERRA supplement products to see which one would be great for you.