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Cellular Supplements

All the cells work together in your body to maintain quality of life and support your overall health. You have billions of cells in your body and they all coexist working together for their own individual purposes. The cells we have are so important and yet so microscopic that they are often overlooked in the grand scheme of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We need to do everything we possibly can to support our cells and keep them strong, healthy and properly functioning as our overall health depends on them. This is exactly the reason that the dōTERRA Cellular Supplements were created. They offer effective yet extremely simple ways to support cells in our body that are constantly hardworking.

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Because of their important functionality in our body and because we are constantly taking in a high amount of environmental threats, cells tend to deal with a large quantity of oxidative stress while still trying to maintain their important duties of supporting and functioning in the body. Even though the body is able to constantly be cooperating and making up for unhealthy nutrition and function at a low level, when they are provided the full support they are able to reach their full potential and the body will function much smoother.

dōTERRA’s Cellular Supplements were designed to be integrated into a healthy lifestyle along with proper nutrition and regular exercise. When carried out in this way they offer antioxidant support to cells to help neutralize and protect cells from the stress they deal with on a constant basis. This stress is harmful for the body and makes it difficult for cells to perform their duties. dōTERRA’s Cellular Supplements contain powerful and specific blends of dōTERRA’s pure and potent Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils each with their own purpose and strength, but ultimately all with the goal to support the cells throughout the body. There are many different essential oils used in the dōTERRA’s Cellular Supplements some include Frankincense, Clove, Thyme and Lemongrass.

Each of the dōTERRA’s Cellular Supplements is unique every particular health need it targets and the kind of cellular support it provides. Each has its own unique blend of therapeutic grade essential oils so the best thing you can do is look into which combinations of supplements will best fit the needs of your overall well being. The dōTERRA’s Cellular Supplements xEO Mega® is an amazing blend that helps offer the body Omega fatty acids, these are so vital to the body and offers support in healthy brain functionality and also supports healthy joints. Another example is the dōTERRA’s Cellular Supplements Microplex MVp™ Food Nutrient Complex, this is a great option for those who may be lacking in a nutrient rich diet as it gives your body the nutrients it so craves that come from plant based sources.