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Women’s Supplements

Women have their own set of specific needs and their bodies need different support than children and men. They have a complex chemistry of hormones that change and fluctuate day to day and depending on which season she is in. The key is to finding the right balance and this is where a quality supplement can come in and support whatever ways she needs. dōTERRA created a top-notch high quality line of women’s supplements designed just to fill this need.

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When it comes to striking a balance in the physical and emotional well being of a women, hormones and hormone management are key. Hormones are so powerful in the chemistry of women and play a huge role in influencing her moods, thoughts and reproductive cycle. As she reaches adolescence and all throughout her life and through menopause, keeping these hormones balanced is so important for overall quality of life and wellbeing. The best bet for keeping them in check is using natural products and natural support that will sustain balance and encourage sustaining benefits working off the body’s natural rhythms.

Whether you are looking for support with hormones through your menstrual cycle or dealing with the symptoms of menopause, the dōTERRA Women’s Supplement Phytoestrogen Lifetime Complex offers phytoestrogens that are found naturally in plant based compounds. These will help support and balance hormones naturally without added side effects. It is also known to help support a healthy metabolism from its use of flaxseed. This product comes from real all natural food sources and is completely gluten free making it a great choice to support women.

As a woman ages and her hormones swiftly change it’s common for bones to start minimizing bone density which can be dangerous and damaging to the structure of the body. This tends to happen rather swiftly after menopause is completed. By nourishing the body and the bones there is the opportunity to support the bones and structure and help it regain density or at least encourage it to do so. dōTERRA Women’s Supplement Bone Nutrient Lifetime Complex has been carefully crafted and formulated to provide minerals and proper levels of vitamins to support the bones throughout a woman’s life.