Breakfast Recipes Using Essential Oils | Get Essential Oils


It’s a brand new day, why not get it started right? Breakfast and doTERRA essential oils can really help you jump start your day with great energy and feeling good to get you through.

Even though we all know how important of a meal breakfast is, we tend to take it for granted and sometimes we just forget to eat breakfast all together. It’s time to make breakfast a priority again and to not make it a carb filled sugar fest but instead make it about getting nutrition, stabilizing blood sugar and giving yourself the fuel you need to make productive decisions. We know that there are many times when breakfast can be all about grabbing whatever is there and being on the go, so let’s make it so that some of these options are healthy ones that are easy and will sustain your body until lunch time.

Breakfast can and should be an enjoyable time of the day. So make the conscious decision to make the effort to enjoy it and well at least consume it! Take back breakfast time and make it something to look forward to. If you are already excellent at eating breakfast then lets start upping the ante a little by adding a little essential oil joy into your morning! There are so many easy ways to add essential oils to breakfast recipes to really take your day and your morning to the next level.

doTERRA essential oils add so much to recipes and can provide deep flavor and internal health benefits that will make you thrilled to rise each morning to these breakfast recipes. Essential oils are so versatile and so easy to use you can do so many different things including add more nutrition and more flavor into protein drinks, smoothies, or you can just even add some flavor and spice to your coffee and oatmeal by adding Cinnamon bark essential oil, or Wild Orange essential oil. You can add essential oils to other breakfast recipes such as muffins, scones, and even pancakes! There are so many different ways to use essential oils for breakfast it makes for a fun daily experiment.