Drink Recipes Using Essential Oils | Get Essential Oils


Drinking is an essential part of our day and it’s vital to our health. If you are looking for a way to combine rehydrating with essential vitamins, nutrition as well as sneaking in a few extra veggies and fruits we have some great recipes for you!

A good drink can enhance your diet and possibly even replace a meal. A good drink or beverage is an amazing pairing to breakfast, dinner, lunch or even a mid-day snack. The best way to find a drink that works for your particular needs is to experiment with different recipes and different ingredients until you find a versatile drink that fit your needs, leaves you feeling full and satisfied. This is just one of many reasons why drinks and beverages are a great choice, regardless the time of day.

If it’s summer and the humidity is kicking then you may enjoy trying out a few of our cold refreshing drinks recipes that include some internal health benefits from dōTERRA essential oils. We love the dōTERRA Lavender essential oil lemonade recipe which is extremely refreshing in the summertime. If you need help toning it down after a particularly rough day chock full of stress or constant on-the-go meetings and activities then using some of our tea recipes that include dōTERRA essential oils including Ginger, Roman Chamomile, or even On Guard is a great way to calm down and promote a restful night’s sleep.

Others may be dealing with a constantly nagging sweet tooth that is relentless in your pursuit of weight management goals. We have a great list of drinks and smoothies that support these goals as well as satisfy that annoying sweet habit! Check out our yummy Chocolate Peppermint dōTERRA TrimShake recipe or some of our more exotic smoothie flavors like Orange Vanilla Dream. We love using smoothies as a way to sneak in some fruit and veggies and even get some health benefits from essential oils that can really support the body. One of our favorite essential oils to use internally is Zendocrine detoxifying essential oil blend, but to be honest it’s not our favorite tasting, but in our Peach Mango Smoothie you can hardly even notice it!