Side Recipes Using Essential Oils | Get Essential Oils


Good side dishes are so important in a healthy and substantial meal. They usually provide some supplemental nutrients that the main dish just doesn’t offer like a good side of veggies or just a little savory bite to round out the meal.

A meal with some good sides can really make an ordinary dinner into an extraordinary dinner. Sometimes sides are just opened up from a can and hastily served at dinner to complete the meal, but they don’t have to be! A good side dish can really steal the show and bring a whole new level of nutrition and nourishment to the table. Side dishes may get a bad rap, after all they tend to be never the star of the show but there are so many ways they can step up their game and make a comeback. We love side dish recipes and sometimes they are even our favorite parts of the meal. My kids after all most often prefer the french fries over the over protein being served!

We love jazzing up dinners around our house. A weekday dinner can be just as special as a Sunday dinner when you have your family around. We love using dōTERRA essential oils in our cooking because they are handy, have a much longer shelf life then typical herbs and spices and add such a deeper level of flavor. Choose an essential oil that pairs well with the food you are serving and add just a drop and test out the flavor to make sure that it is not too potent. Remember when using dōTERRA essential oils in cooking, just a little goes a long way! You also want to double check and only use dōTERRA essential oils that are meant to be ingested. This is very important for safety. Check the side of the bottle and see if it has nutrition facts. If it does it’s ok to use.

Side dishes don’t have to take a back stage to the main dishes. With so many different various options to jazz up those side dishes they can make their way towards the front! Give these side dishes a chance to be as memorable and desirable by using and infusing essential oils in these recipes and in your cooking. You will not only have a delicious flavorful dish but you will also reap all the beautiful internal health benefits that the essential oils have to offer.