Appetizer recipes using essential oils | Get Essential Oils


Appetizers and starters are definitely a crowdpleaser. They make an exciting entrance for a hungry crowd and tease them about the delicious entrees that are to come. They are just enough to set the tone but not too much to overindulge.

Whether you are having a romantic dinner with a a loved one, a party, or just hosting a few friends at an event, appetizer recipe and starter recipes are perfect for setting the tone for the night or meal to come. They provide an easy snack for people as they catch up on their lives and events that have taken place lately. Whatever kind of get together you are having you will be sure to wow your guests with these delicious appetizer recipes that are bursting with flavor from doTERRA essential oils.

There are many different way to use doTERRA essential oils in cooking appetizers and starters. You can try something a little easy by infusing essential oils into your dips and spreads. Just one drop goes a long way when using it as a flavor agent. You will want to try just one drop and continue to add more as you feel is necessary. We absolutely love to use Lime essential oil or Wild Orange essential oil and use it to make a super simple fruit dip by adding a drop or two to vanilla yogurt or whipped cream. There are so many tasty combinations you can make as well as experiment a little and try out some new flavors such as adding Lemongrass to various salad dressings.

One of our favorite and most tried and true ways to use doTERRA essential oils in appetizer recipes is to use essential oils in place of the herbs or spices they are called for in the recipes. For example using Clove bud essential oil instead of clove, and the same for other doTERRA essential oils in place of popular herbs including Thyme, Oregano, Ginger, Black Pepper, Rosemary etc. We love using essential oils because they are always on hand, very fresh can add so much spice and substance to appetizers and starters and you reap all the internal benefits they provide.